Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Treasure Chest

There's a treasure chest
Deep down in my heart
There's a secret locked away
Deep down in my heart
Sometimes I let it slip
Darkness seeping out
Like it's too much to keep
It's blinding my lights out
Quick and quiet
It strikes my soul
Penetrating all my hopes
Piercing it's way
Out my mouth
Into cruel, toxic words
The dark side that I try to hide
The thing that I hate most
It's slipping, It's slipping
And I'm oh so very close
Close enough to feel it happening
Close enough to know
That it's slowly killing me
Like a dark black cloud raining snow
It clouds my very vision
Of what should be seen as right
It suffocates my lungs
When I try and keep it out
Silken and sweet
It'll seduce me into doing wrong
It'll steal away my conscience
And make me feel all torn
Even though I know it hurts
What else can I do?
I have to pour my heart all out
Or suffer as I do
Trusting is hard
I know that very well
I try and block out people
Keep walls in their way
I am close but not
I fled so quickly and soon
It's eerie to know
That it might repeat itself
Again I'll run away
Like the coward I try not to be
Again I'll put up walls
And barriers to protect me
From what I keep forgetting
But My heart is gripped with ice
Like it's too scared
To know what's wrong or right
My brain stops in it's tracks
When I speak sometimes
My words I can't remember
But I think most were lies
Writing helps me most
But never helps the feeling go
It's always there
In a treasure chest
Deep inside my soul

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