Friday, September 16, 2011

The Meadow

There is a meadow
Long and vast
Where I tread
Through unforgotten thoughts
Feeling lonely
Feeling sad
I'll take the lilies
And leave like that
I'll watch the eagles soar across
The deep blue skies where clouds are lost
My heart will ache at the thought
Of leaving my meadow long and vast
For it's one place where I go
To hide my deep and unforgotten sorrow
Even when the peacock's sing
I'll never forget the playful ring
Of the sounds in the meadow
The serene amazing things
That make me so incredibly lonely still
I will leave in a moment
Slowly, surely
I'll pack away
I'll take my basket woven with care
I'll take my lilies gathered right there
I'll leave with my lingering sorrow
Because it's what brings my tomorrow


  1. OMG
    That was... Soo beautiful
    I love it
    soo moving

  2. Thank's I made it out of pure loneliness though

  3. I can actually imagine walking through that meadow...
    talent, keep writing!