Thursday, September 8, 2011

Elemental Feelings

Life is our muse
Yet we don't realize
Inspiration in each step
It fills us with joy
Kindness as deep as the ocean
Just as deep and as wide
Beauty like the earth
Ingrained deep inside
Hope like the air
We need it to survive
And passion like the fire
It burns just as bright

P.S. This poem was during one of my happier moments


  1. This is SO BEAUTIFUL! So lovely and rich in description. You havd painted a brillaint picture in my mind with your words.
    Thank you for posting this wonderful poem Iris! You are amazing!

  2. Ah, Kallista.....I seem to find your comments on every page I look.
    Anyhow, this really IS beautiful. Wonderful writing :)

  3. Thank you all *Takes a bow* I really appreciate it ^^

  4. Love it iris!!
    I read it a few days ago!! But for some reason I wasn't allowed to comment
    *mumbles* stupid iPod touch

    ANYWAY it really is a beautiful poem!!
    And the annoying thing is Kal has already summed up the poem!! She has used words that I woul have used!! If this damn contraption would let me comment instead of playing about I would have said it first :P Ah well

    Congratulations Kal you beat to the post!!

  5. Thank you, thank you *Takes a bow* I really appreciate it ^^