Sunday, September 18, 2011

My parents

I look at them with adoration
As any child would
I look at them for comfort
As any child would
But all I got was cold harsh stares
Icy and unforgiving
And my teardrops froze right there
In the moment I knew
They always wanted something more
Something I never had
Like just a little more smartness
Or just a little more talent
Or something I never even knew about
Something close like that
Whenever I drew them pretty pictures
They would only point out flaws
Like all they ever cared about
Was whatever I did wrong
And once I stood to talk to them
Whilst they were watching news
And they just said 'I'm too busy'
And left me as I stood
'Am I not good enough' I began to think
Everything was wrong with me
Down to the way I blinked
My thoughts were always dark and immaculate
And I began to dwell in them
Always faking happy smiles
Like the good little girl I played
I continued my charade
For my parents beloved
Then as I grew
I came to know
Was it love or my simplicity
That drove me to such lengths?
Then the answer was all so clear
Love was never there
My parents that I strode to please
Never gave a care
But now that I know
And keep to myself
All they show is love
Was it all a game,
Some sick disgusting thing?
Or was it all just so true that they always did love me?
Questions arose in my head
Sharp and oh so deadly
Then sudden tears sprung
Because I'd always longed
for love and care and a little attention
From my parents fair
But still here I stand
Unable to breathe a word
For I fear that it will end
The love from my parents dear


  1. Really?? Must you do this to me?? YOU ARE DRAINING ME OF WIRDS TO DESCRIBE YOUR WORK IRIS!! (that's a good thing)
    That poem is Dark, yet beautiful it is Magnificent its just Glorious
    I am in Awe of your talent!!

  2. *hugs Iris*
    SO magnificent. Your gift for poetry is astounding. Beautiful and sad my friend. You are a brave and wonderful person Iris. Your talents are rare and beautiful. I think your poetryshould be published. I hope you try to do so someday.