Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fade Away

When I'm in pain and I can't cry
Tears won't drip instead I'll sigh
Take a knife and carve it out
Plunge it in and pull it out
Feel the pain that makes it better
Feel the warm, Silken Leather
Feel the blood trickle down
Feel it drip, drip to the ground
Listen to the wind rustle below
Walk slowly, Take a flow
Let it go away
Fade, fade far away
Tears and pain let them go
Take me in and let me go
When the night will fade
And dawn comes again
Kiss me softly
And leave me sweet
I'll fade, I'll vanish
Like a quiet summer dream


  1. Iris that poem is BEAUTIFUL
    It's so dark and moving
    You are a really talented poet!!

  2. Thanks guys but I think I wanna just delete this blog... It's so depressing -.-