Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For Jasmine

Looking through a mirror,
A girl she saw,
A face like hers’,
With expression unknown,
She touched her face,
With curious wonder,
To realize her faults,
All at once,
‘How lost was I?’
She mused aloud,
Smiling a smile,
That broke the clouds,
Letting go,
Of previous worries,
She found herself,
And vowed,
To never loose,
Herself again


Sleepless nights,
Keep me awake,
As I think of you,
Wretched is this feeling,
It makes me fall for you,
Cursed as I may be,
Love you I do,
Yet in return for kindness,
All I get is hate from you,
Once when you smiled for me,
Nothing did I do,
That memory makes my heart ache,
As I think of you,
Forever am I cursed?
Never to be cured?
Not one ounce of love,
Ever to be shown,
That is how I live,
Cursed by love,
I am loveless