Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Lost Love

This is killing me and I had to make a poem on it because of the dreams I had on it. You can ask whatever you want and I'll (Try) to answer

In the moonlight
I reached out my hand
I grabbed someone who spun me
His eyes a deep midnight blue
And slowly he kissed me
Then he vanished as if a dream
Of one sad, lonely night
As I awoke
A sense of longing
Tore me up and filled me
But then as I stared
At a huge glass mirror
I already knew the answer
To my unsaid question
'He is lost, never to be mine'
I whispered softly
Just to remind myself of what
Love I had forsaken
And as I said the words
A strange pain struck my chest
All again the pain was felt
The longing that I though lost
But it was something I had done wholly
Not another silly joke
All in my senses I'd promised
To never fall in love
And yet here I stood
Feeling very lost
'Who would would love me anyways?'
I questioned myself and laughed

As the night moved on and day came
All I could think of was him
Because no matter how much I tried
I'd never stop dreaming
Of the boy who'd come to me
And torment me in sleep
With soft kisses placed carefully
With the simplest of words
My lover who I can never meet
The one who rules my dreams
Who captures my thoughts
With his smiling face
And lovely little phrases
So that whenever I wake
He'll vanish like smoke
And be replaced by my dark, cold room

I promised just once
I never held my tongue
And the words they flowed so easily while I dreamed
And even then I couldn't quite control the things that I currently feel
And so it has become
Something quite so real
A love that's lost
I cannot return
To trying to keep away
Instead I'll stay and act
As if it's really just a dream
To keep my love at bay
I won't even sleep
I'll take away the things that even remind me of him
Just because I know
That I had made one promise
And it will always stay
As my lost love...


  1. Iris that poem is BEAUTIFUL
    It was so, words cant describe. It's like i was there, like it was happening to me.
    It is truly a wonderful poem.
    It was a good thing you posted it.
    I think you should be a part of the Poets of Greatness Blog I REALLY do!!