Sunday, September 18, 2011

A dream in the mist

In a web of lies she lays
Crying tear less hoping to be found
Sorrow her life
Sadness her days
Nobody tried to find
The girl who lost her way
When she went
It was all smiles and cheers
But when lost she became
Nobody dared find her
Still she came back alive
But dead wholly from the inside
Nothing brought a smile to her
For everything she did was fake
Soon enough she forgot herself
And became just a dream in the mist


  1. Iris That poem is... WOW
    It is Amazing, lovely, moving just AWESOME
    I Love it

  2. Thank you, poetry is the only place (Besides story writing and a little singing) where my talents lay ^^

  3. Beautiful poem my friend! *hugs*
    Someday I hoe you publish your beautiful poems. They are so speical and I know many will relate to them and love them just as I do.
    Thanks for posting!