Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Best Friend- My Mother

I am happy, very happy
I am going to school, my very first day
I am four, I am excited
I stand in front of my school gate
There are lots of children, dozens and dozens
They all seem happy, I feel the same
I am inside the school gates
The gates are closing, I begin to realize
I am losing my best friend
My mother is leaving me, for the very first time
I am crying, my tears flow like a river
My four years of childhood are breaking down
How can I leave my mother?
Even for only three hours
That’s the first time I realized how it felt
To lose my best friend, my mother
Today I am excited, I am now 13,
I am leaving my school, all my best friends
I hope they all come with me
Follow me into my new high school
Is it pain?
Is it agony?
And is it disappointment in my best friend’s eyes?
That she is no more my only best friend
The fact that she’s now just my mother?
I lean more on my other best friends
I now have more than 10
All of them are my very best friends
I believe they’ll do anything for me
They’ll give their life just to save mine
They’ll be there for me forever
My mother cooks food
She waits for me to come for lunch
One that turns to dinner and soon breakfast
She wants to wait for me
To come home and eat with her
Like I used to a year before
She stays home hungry, agonized for me
She wants to have food with me, she waits
I don’t care about my old best friend
I am rich; I have more than a hundred new ones
Why should I care for the old one?
My mother she waits
She tries to make me understand
She is the only one who’ll be by my side
I am now seventeen
I know my mother is not the only one
I am rich; I have many friends
My closest best friend is a prince
I cherish him out of millions
He is the best in everything
In looks, caring, sharing and everything else
I share everything, my body, my soul
My pain, my gain, my future
My prosper, all of me
My old best friend is just there still
Now I am 25
Now I know old isn’t gold
Now I know I was wrong
Mother comes by default, not by choice
My life is rich, it’s by choice
I am rich, I have a prince
I have friends by the hundreds
I don’t care
To go see my mother
While she sits in the corner of the room alone
I don’t care, my beautiful mother
Suddenly looks fifty years older than her age
She’s lost her edge, she’s lost her looks
She’s lost her confidence in overall
I don’t care even if I think
The confidence she lost was in me
I don’t think negative, she is old
She should look old
I dwell in the positive
I am rich; I have hundreds of friends
My prince is now my husband
I don’t care about my old best friend
She’s just somebody there by default
I am now 35, I am full
I don’t have time to even call my mother
My old best friend, once in a while, just once
I am so busy, my husband, my job, my children, my dog
My house, my cat, my parties so many
My fashion, my list of ever-growing best friends
It’s all about me
It’s not about anything old
It’s not that old is gold
It’s no more about my old best friend
It’s no more about my mother, she died
In her sleep, alone, no one around
I couldn’t go to her
I had to see, my daughter’s first day at school
My daughter is now four
Its wedding day, I am alone
It’s the day the accident took place
It’s the day my house is full of people
It’s the day that my house, so filled with people
I cannot find even one friend
Let alone my best friend,
My son died today
It was a freak accident
It happened while he was coming from school
My prince, my ex-husband is too busy
It’s his wedding day today
My hundreds of best friends
They’re all too busy
They all have something to do
Some are gone, having their kitty parties
Some are having their pet shows
Some have their date nights
None having time for me
I’m all alone I realize
I now have enough experience
I am now old enough
Staying alone in my house
Day after lonesome day
Month after month
All night long
I’m waiting and waiting
For a little phone call
The ring of the doorbell
It doesn’t come
Only the continuous ringing in my head
Reminding me I’m seventy, I’m old
It’s my own dialogue
‘Old is not gold’
Now everybody knows my number
My house number, my cell number
It’s there in all of my best friends call bared lists
Years gone by to make me realize
You are old and old isn’t gold
I don’t know why I live
This is probably my punishment
My old friend wanted me to realize-
Mother’s never age
Mother’s are the only ones who come by default
I am now ninety
I realize only one thing
In all my life
I only got one friend
She wasn’t my best friend
She was my soul friend who stayed with me always
Since the day I was born
Till now she’s there in my heart
My only  friend, my Best Friend - My mother