Monday, October 10, 2011


I’m writing this for you
Try and listen to me
I’m writing to please you
Don’t you see?
I might want you to spoil me
Get all my emotions straight
But trust me when I say
There’s quite a lot of hate
The words I say
Might not always be pretty
But trust me they’re all just true
Down to the littlest hello
Or painful remark
I’m just trying to please you
Why can’t you get that simple thing right?
My tiniest little feeling
Don’t just say it’s pretty
And leave me
Trying to get you’re repeat
Say those words again
Please just one more time
But try and understand
My reason why
Before you make me cry
I won’t hate you for not getting it down perfect
Trust me I won’t
Just try and get a little bit
And that’ll give me all my joy
My tears, don’t look at them
Don’t pay the slightest bit of attention
Just look at my face
When I speak
And try to figure me out
I’ll be the happiest
And you won’t have a doubt
You’ll see me for what I am
Without another cloud
A mist that I usually use
To try and block you out
But believe me when I tell you this
You’ll easily find your way out
All I have to say this time
Is just try and pay attention
I’m not always smiling
Haven’t quiet put the cherry on top
I’m just a lost little girl
Trying not to get all that lost


  1. *hugs Iris tightly*
    You have such an amazing gift to write poetry! It's wonderful. Sad but wonderful. Thank you for posting this Iris.

  2. It's not that good, besides I was thinking of deleting this blog anyway, it's WAAAAY too depressing