Monday, December 26, 2011

Your Wedding Gift (To Kal and Octa)

Alright it's a little early and my poem is hardly an acceptable gift but I might not be able to make it to your wedding or something crappy might come up so I'm going to give it in advance (But be assured if I can't make it I'll compensate, I promise) I hope you both like it and I wish you guys the best!

It’s your wedding day
The happiest moment of your life
I’ll set up the world’s most stunning colours
Just for your special day.
I pray that you’ll be happy (Even though I know you will);
Forever with your love
I pray that you get everything
That you could ever ask for

My gift’s too small
In comparison, to the joy you’ll feel
But I hope you’ll receive it anyways
With a little smile

Both a happy ending
And a beautiful new beginning,
I trust you to your lover
Who’ll stand by you, till the very end.
Your friend’s are ever so happy
Know they love you unconditionally
They’ll always stand by you
Because they care for you most.

If I could, I’d take down the stars
In hopes that they’d adorn your wedding gown
If I could, I’d erase all the hurt
That you’d felt in your past.
When you’ll walk into that chapel
Holding your lover close
If I’m not there to see you two
I’ll be wishing you the best

I’ll fill the chapel with birdsong,
I’ll lay out all the colours of the world,
I’ll be standing there, in a corner
Smiling, holding up a toast to you.

I hope that these words
Can convey my message
My happiness for your joy
I wish you both the very best,
The very best of life.
Like a flower of love that blossomed,
In both your hearts
I’ll grow a thousand more for you both
And make sure none wither away
In your hearts.


  1. *hugs Iris tightly*

    This poem is a beautiful and moving one. I love it. I really and truly do. You have talent Iris and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Thank you so much for this gift. I shall treasure it.

  2. *Hugs back* Thank you *Takes a little bow* I won't ^^

    I'm glad you liked it, I'd have sung for you but throat infections are real bothers -.- Still, since you liked it I'm happy