Saturday, July 23, 2011

Iris Blackflower

Name: Iris Blackflower

Age: 18

Personality: Cold at times but always warm towards cats and people she likes. If she hates somebody, she hates them with a passion and she can be lethal if she wishes

Description: Tall, Waist length black hair and deep chocolate-kissed eyes with a pale complexion

Weapons: Likes Swords the most, uses guns if required but at any given time would happily use herself as a weapon

Transportation: Audi R8 Spyder or a horse

Likes: Cats, Little kids, Flowers, her friends and Books

Dislikes: Enemies, People who can't respect others and too much pink

Her place of birth: Chicago

Gender: Female

Abilities: Normal well until she opens up her blood red wings and uses her powers of mind control. She also uses elemental powers and can reconstruct things through her music.

Wears: Black combat boots, Leather jacket, Black T-shirt and blue jeans

History: Used to live in the Chicago 'School' before she busted out with her flock and destroyed the place, she now goes out to help others of her kind in need. She keeps in close contact with many people who she can trust and doesn't know her mother but because of her father she is very rich and is the heiress to a billion dollar estate but doesn't really want it.

Race: Unspecified but contains more avian DNA (Her wings are because of that)

Weakness: She can't heal as fast as others and sometimes can't help but take in people's thoughts and history at times