Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hades Evernight

Name: Hades Evernight

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Teasing and fun but can be a bit distant when he's thinking too much about a problem or is uncomfortable with anyone. He has feelings for Iris but never tells her about them because he knows how oblivious she is when it comes to romance.

Description: Light brown haired, Hazel eyed, Lightly tanned skin and a strong tall body. His Wings are black.

Weapons: Uses anything at his disposal but likes using guns if given the chance. He always carries throwing knives with him along with a silenced pistol hidden in his boot. Uses his martial arts skills if required.

Transportation: His wings (When in air), An Aston Martin Vantage GT3 or a 'Borrowed car'

Likes: Iris, The flock, Flying and Sports

Dislikes: People who try to hurt Iris or anyone he's close to, Scientists who try to experiment on him or anyone else without their consent, Injections and Closed spaces

Place of Birth: Chicago

Abilities: They are yet to be discovered but his most prominent ability is his influence on animals.

Wears: a black T-shirt and jeans like a normal person.

History: Used to live in the Chicago 'School' before Iris and the other kids assembled and decided to break out. Ever since then he'd been with Iris and had joined the flock. His parents whereabouts are unknown and he likes to keep it that way.

Race: Unspecified (Contains more avian DNA like the rest of his flock, The product of the avian DNA are his wings)

Weakness: Water. He can't swim and hates water because of a previous test taken in the 'School'. Other than that he can't stand too much telepathic powers used against him.

I really hope this OC is good enough and if you get the time, then guys, please comment. Thanks :-)


  1. AWESOME OC! Like the "borrowed" car :P

  2. Lol, Hades is just like that. He never really can take the car away so he considers it a type of 'Borrowing' but some people think otherwise ;-) Thanks by the way

  3. I LOVE this OC
    it is REALLY cool :)

  4. Thanks Kelly ;-) I needed someone who was totally oblivious in romance and I was weighing my options and unfortunately I was the only sap who had barely any experience in the romantic field :-P But I love Hades' OC even more then mine because he has more depth in him and he's got an amazing sense of humor.